Alan Brice Welding & Storage Systems Website

We made this website for Bristol based Mobile Welder; Alan Brice. Alan came to us after experiencing huge costs to keep his previous website online – being charged premium business rates normally associated with large scale corporations not small independent tradesmen. The previous site Alan had was rather outdated, with only a single small box at the centre of the page providing very basic information, no imagery and the design was rather dull and uninspiring. We met with Alan and worked with him to produce a list of features to include on the site, during this process Alan mentioned a second skew to his services – Storage Systems and this inspired us to create a dual sided website with two independent domain names. By combining the structures of the two sites we have created a seamless experience for the user, the two sites have an almost identical structure but with one mirroring the other in its layout – this is the only clue the user is given that they’ve actually moved onto another website. By doing this we allow Alan’s site to appear independently in google for both mobile welding searches and storage systems searches in google rather than one domain and one landing page coming up for both. This in effect doubles Alan’s effective online reach.

  alanstort2humbnail template


  • 4 Page Custom Wordpress Site x2 – Doubled across two domains and interlinked for a seamless experience.
  • Dynamically loading information – email address etc updates depending on what side of the site you are on (Welding or Storage)
  • Custom Imagery
  • Contact Forms

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