Alison Frazer

Alison Frazer is an experienced Employment Law Barrister based in Bristol, UK. She provides legal advice, support and representation to employers and employees either directly or through solicitors.

Alison Frazer asked us to develop a website to advertise her services as an experienced Employment Law Barrister, based in Bristol, UK. As a commensurate professional and highly successful practitioner, with a vast amount of experience gathered over the years working with and representing many organisations and individuals, Alison Frazer’s website needed to reflect all her outstanding qualities. Alison is “always approachable” (Legal 500) , a fact that required to be clearly highlighted as integral to her ethos. Therefore we wanted to create a site that was clean, uncluttered, styled and corporate but also reflected the ease with which a client could engage with Alison.

To reflect the scale of Alison’s business we chose to use an image of skyscrapers as an unobtrusive background to the Home Page. This would subliminally associate the business to accomplishment and corporate professionalism. The style and layout of the text and graphics were developed to provide clarity for the user and to be reminiscent of legal text (especially the use of a capitalised font).  We chose to refine each area of  Alison’s expertise into distinct, but simply structured sections, with again, clarity, being our focus. This resulted in an excellent balance of gravitas and provision of information in a highly accessible and comprehensible manner for the user.

To include a section regarding Alison herself was obviously a primary requirement, not only to showcase her varied and successful career, but also to reflect her cordiality. The photograph of Alison shows her in the countryside, away from a corporate  environment. Her expression is one of warmth and engagement.

The contact form was designed to be extremely easy to use, so clients are enabled to make speedy contact with Alison.


  • One page  Parallax website – presents information in a more accessible and interesting way.
  • Logo design – created to be both stylish and memorable.
  • Contact form – easy to use.
  • Responsive design – in order for the website to look great on small or large screens.
  • Social Media Integration – links to Facebook, Google + and Twitter.
  • Future proof – as the needs of the client changes the site can be readily developed.