Animation Services


Animation provides unique alternatives to video production and can be far more flexible as an option, especially for more specialist subject matter. The combination of imagery, text, voice over and other digital assets allows for a range of possibilities; from service explainer videos through to fun viral/trend orientated stings or skits.

We also provide animated assets for video and web applications, these include animated logos, web banners and P.O.S displays.

Image alt description Explainer Virtially There Animated Explainer Google Earth Map Zoom Website Guide Video RW-MotionGraphics

Explainer Animations

We make fun and friendly animations to help explain anything and everything, from general business or service explainers through to specific guides and tutorials.

Animations can be constructed with branding at the centre for something that fits perfectly with your website or other marketing assets.

VirtuallyThere Animation Video Website Guide Video Explainer Video / Animation

Animated Logos

An animated logo can add an additional level of production value to your YouTube or web videos. We can take your logo and animate it in anyway you desire from simple 2D effects through to 3D CGI based animations.

SWVR Animated Logo Animated Logo Example - Bristol Health Partners Animated Logo - Digital Medium SWVR Conference Assets - Gold Sponsors Slide Conference / Video Assets - SWVR IntroTag - Henrique Ollifiers SWVR Conference Assets - Silver Sponsors Slide

3D Animation + Compositing

Our in house VFX and Motion Graphics artists can create striking 3d animations for real wow factor. Products can be converted to 3d or scenes generated with action occurring in three dimensional space.

Compositing involves adding graphics or effects to real world footage - such as informational tags in product videos or more extreme processes such as replacing a sky or background to a scene.

Salvaged Trailer Karmic Chant' - School Boys Death Trio Music Video Opposable Games Showreel 2014 John E Vistic - 'Long Time Gone' Music Video map zoom Jim Roper VFX / Motion Graphics Showreel 2014, Bristol

Motion Graphics + Video Assets

We can create a full spectrum of graphical assets to lift video projects to a higher production value. These range from informational overlays such as interview straplines to complex animated sections for a larger video project.

Image alt description Connect Medical Website Explainer Motion Graphics Sting LivedockCredits VirtuallyThere Animation Video Jim Roper VFX / Motion Graphics Showreel 2014, Bristol

Web Assets

We can create a range of animated website components such as banners, buttons, adverts, badges and backgrounds.

Hampton Clinic Animated Banner Draft banner