Connect Medical


"I needed a resource that helped my patients find quality information about self-funded procedures. I couldn’t find one so I created" - Dr Don Grant, founder and practising GP

Don and Caroline saw there was a need to enable self-funding patients, with their GPs, to gain appropriate Specialist referrals with ease, so they established this new service,

In order to explain exactly how this symbiosis between patient, GP and Specialist functions, Don and Caroline requested a short, digitally animated, explainer video. We saw that the concept for this service is, indeed, wonderfully simple and very effective, and this is the message we wished to convey to viewers.

Connect Medical Service Explainer

The animation begins by highlighting the present difficulties for both patients and GPs, as many who have sought a procedure from a privately funded Specialist will know. The video then describes how easily a patient, with a referral number from their GP, can access information regarding appropriate Specialists in any given area. To reinforce the viewers understanding of how straightforward this service is, we chose to use bright, simple images with no clutter to distract from the message.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Don and Caroline and were pleased to visually explain their new service through the medium of this video!

  • Digital Medium rose to the challenge. The end result I feel really enhances our web pages. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

    - Caroline Grant - -
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