If you are looking for a friendly, knowledgeable and approachable accountancy practice who are prepared to invest time and understanding into your business and tax affairs without charging you the earth for it, you have found them!

Discountants came to us needing a new website to advertise their accountancy services. Their previous website had not been updated for a few years and needed to be completely redesigned for today’s market.

We ascertained that we needed to present the content from Discountants in an uncomplicated fashion. It was of primary importance to us, that users of the Discountants website are able to access the information they are seeking quickly and easily. The visitor, by engaging with a site that presents as reassuringly transparent and straightforward, is more likely to view Discountants accountancy services as possessing the same qualities and trust  Discountants to provide a high level of client care. We also wanted the Discountants website to demonstrate exactly  how able the company is at benefiting both new and existing businesses, and individuals seeking accountancy services. We considered the most efficient and enhancing method to do this was by creating a large slideshow, as a banner, which alternates between 3 different slides of  engaging black and white images, with text headlining the various categories for whom  Discountants provide their highly rated services.

The Discountants logo was our inspiration for design. The colour scheme is of a similar palette to the Discountants logo. Icons were selected for having similar design qualities to the logo. We were aware that on certain pages, there was much content that needed to be shown, therefore we had to find a design solution in order to divide into smaller sections. We chose to use accordions, which allow users to expand and collapse certain sections. These accordions are then used to display the more detailed information about each accountancy service that Discountants provide. As Discountants receive excellent testimonials from their clients, we integrated a widget from FreeIndex, which allows users to read the latest reviews from customers. We also have a Contact page which visitors use to email Discountants if they need more information regarding the services they provide.

Our websites are future proofed, thereby allowing changes, adaptations, additions of new elements – pages, widgets, design, themes and plugins. This site can be modified and expanded with ease and simplicity.


  • Page Builder – users can build their own pages via the admin area with flexibility on size and look of each element on the page.
  • Contact Form.
  • Responsive design – in order for the website to adapt small or large screens.
  • Banner Design.
  • Future proof – as the needs of the client changes the site can be readily developed.