EcoWorks Marine

EcoWorks Marine came to us as they required a dynamic website to launch their new eco-friendly boat/yacht cleaning products. The site was integral to the start up phase of this division of their business and was pre-revenue. The time frame was tight, only a couple of weeks prior to the date set for launch, so it was all hands on deck!

  • When choosing a company to produce a website, we found Digital Medium to be the most helpful, best quality and the most cost effective and have proved to be so ever since it went live. Also through all the Constant changes we make they are helpful and publish them very quickly. I have no hesitation in recommending them to any business.

    - Scott Johnson - Eco Works Marine - 2015 -

We quickly ascertained that the business wanted to target the luxury end of the market, as it is clear that super yachts are acquisitions that are flourishing. Burgess, a company that sells and purchases yachts, report annual sales of EUR 1.3 billion of sailing and motor yachts (up to the beginning of Dec. 2014). The design of the site would therefore make an immediate correlation to this market. The site had to be fully informative in a demonstratively clear manner, providing a showcase for the products and the specifics for each product, (chemical formula, health and safety instructions and mode of use). The products had been developed to be non-invasive to the environment, a crucial and fundamental selling point.

We set out to make the website look clean, attractive and memorable. To ensure a distinct and visually coherent site, we took the colour, a marine blue, from the Eco-Works logo, an established brand. Three stunning photo's of yachts, as a slideshow, were set as a large banner messaging the association to the super yacht lifestyle.

The product pages were created to be functional and formal, both in terms of visuals and related text. Each of the 12 individual cleaning products is described visually by its label.The text provides details of product features and directions of use. A download button provides the relevant Materials Safety Data Sheet as a PDF. The Contact page was designed to look elegant and to ensure transparency and ease of use. Our websites are future proofed, thereby allowing changes, adaptations, additions of new elements - pages, widgets, design, themes and plugins. This site can be modified and expanded with ease and simplicity.

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