Greenhorn Homes

Eco-friendly building & carpentry services in and around Bristol

Craig Greenhorn came to us with his new business – an eco focused building company influenced by PassiveHaus. He wanted a simple website that would promote his work and services effectively, without over complicating the process. We decided that it was necessary to present two slideshows of images, to illustrate the breadth and quality of Greenhorn Homes trade and craft, along with small sections of text to explain each of his services succinctly. In addition to these services, Greenhorn Homes build houses that are known as “Passive Houses” (Read about Passive Houses). This forms a key element of Craig’s working process and we needed to ensure we communicated the numerous benefits of ┬áPassiveHaus standards to the readers of the website. To do this, we created a section dedicated to Passive Houses, which includes a 90 second video concisely describing the concept, requirements, process and benefits.

To ensure that, for those interested in his services, there would be an easy means of contacting Greenhorn Homes, we created a contact form at the bottom of the site. This sends an email to Greenhorn Homes to which they can then respond to any inquiries or queries.


  • Parallax Images
  • Contact Form
  • Video section – an extremely effective method of conveying information.
  • One page site – The whole website uses just one page,therefore allowing more creative and interesting design.
  • Links to social media sites – enabling greater interaction with the site.

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