Home Care Blog Website

We created a blog site for Wiltshire based Domiciliary company Enterprise Care to drive more traffic to their business website enterprisecare.co.uk

The homecareblog.co.uk acts as a first port of call for people to land on when searching for home care in Wiltshire hampshire and Dorset. The aim of the blog is to provide high quality content rich articles which are interesting, and informative. With this in mind we helped Enterprise Care create an informative guide used to advise and educate people about the care options available. This method builds up trust with potential customers, making them more likely to buy services because they have found a source of information which is 1 unbiased and 2 enables them to make more in informed decisions. Providing quality information helps build a stronger brand image, and therefore makes it more likely for people to go to your site.

We use WordPress to create our blogs because they come with a number of benefits. The blog format allows for immediate publication of new jobs, information and updates straight to browsers directly. The blog is also integrated with the various social media platforms allowing for a more streamlined and organised way to interact with users on all representative sites and profiles for enterprise care and On WordPress.com, you can easily add pages to your blog in seconds.

If you would like a site similar to this then please take a look at our Template Website