I’m Amazing


We made this website for a company called I’m Amazing, who produce and sell their nutritious and delicious salad. Chris came to us needing a website that would allow people to look at the salad and see information about the ingredients that are used to create the salad. In order to do this, we felt it was important that people should be able to see pictures both of the salad and the fresh ingredients to show the salad to its full potential. In addition to this, when pictures of the ingredients are clicked, users are then able to read the information about each ingredient and see what each ingredient brings to the salad. Also there is plenty of information about where people can buy the salad from including links to companies that stock the I’m Amazing salad. All of this information is all on just one simple webpage with menu items linking to sections of the page rather than different pages.


  • Parallax Images
  • Contact Form
  • One page site – The whole website uses just one page
  • Email setup – We set up email for I’m Amazing so that they can receive email from the contact form.
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