Life Pearls

Lifepearls is a blog is about bringing wisdom back to the people. Wisdom is not a fabled quality possessed only by elders, lonely old women, cross-legged gurus and wizards in fantasy worlds. It is a human quality which is both a necessary life skill and a virtue. Despite it being celebrated by the Greeks, it has lost its popularity in modern society and although it may be something that may well come with experience there are often young people who are ‘wise beyond their years’.

We, at Digital Medium, Bristol were commissioned to design and develop a blog website called Life Pearls. Our client, Ally Jane, had the great concept of providing meaningful, considered and helpful advice for those that are in need and for those who wish to gain and celebrate wisdom! She asked us to design a logo that would visually encompass the significant messages she is seeking to spread. Ally Jane required a site that was easy to use, (Ally describes herself as a “technophobe“), therefore we chose to use a WordPress website which features ease of update and addition of new content. Ally found she was able to realize her vision, to present blogs covering a variety of topics designed to provide “positive, insightful and inspirational” messages which can encourage us all to make better choices in life. To ensure that these blogs reach a wider audience, all new blog posts published appear on the Life Pearls Twitter and Facebook account. We also integrated newsletter functionality where by people can add their emails to a mailing list to receive newsletters via email. These newsletters are designed in the administration area of the website.


  • Page Builder, – users can build their own pages via the admin area, which offers flexibility on size and appearance of each element on the page.
  • Contact Form
  • Logo Design
  • Social Media Integration – blog posts are published to Facebook and Twitter and all blog posts can be shared on the website via other people on any of their social media accounts.
  • Newsletter Functionality Life Pearls website allows subscription to a newsletter via a mailing list. Ally is able to create and distribute the newsletter in the admin area of the site.