03 Aug 2015
The Hampton Clinic
02 Aug 2015
South West Virtual Reality Conference
02 Aug 2015
Connect Medical
31 Jul 2015
Bristol Health Partners
31 Jul 2015
Pedal Car Race
31 Jul 2015
Opposable Games
05 Jul 2015
Berkeley Centre Health

Our purpose is to offer a comprehensive, high quality service delivered by a broad spectrum of healthcare experts. With the stunning ‘flagship’ location at The Berkeley Centre and outlying satellite clinics our aim is to help as many people as possible in Bristol and the surrounding area.

We were recommended to Peter (owner) and James (manager) by a previous client, aware that they were searching for a redesign of the lackluster and poorly designed Berkeley Centre Health website. It was clear that the design impacted on functionality and that visually the site failed to import the professionalism of the Centre.

We were determined to create a site that was extremely visitor friendly: by clarity of format, detailed information through images and text and ease of contact. The Centre has 30+ Practitioners from whom we required detailed information regarding their specific therapies! A number of images were provided by the Centre, however the majority were sourced by us. It was important that, with so much information, the structure of the site clearly defined where specific information was to be found.

The completed redesign now reflects the quality, standards, excellence and elegance of Berkeley Centre Health. Details of specific treatments are easily accessed and are presented in an informative and visually engaging style. Links to contact pages are well defined and allow ease of appointment making and sending of enquiries.


  • Page Builder – users can build their own pages via the admin area with flexibility on size and look of each element on the page.
  • Social Media Integration – the website is linked to the Berkeley Centre Health Twitter and Facebook accounts, so that users can see their latest news.
  • Contact Form.
  • Responsive design – in order for the website to adapt small or large screens.
  • Future proof – as the needs of the client changes the site can be readily developed, so Peter and James can add treatment pages for new practitioners.
23 Jun 2015
One Day : Day One – Resilience

Digital Medium were approached by a local artist, Sara Zaltash, who is working closely with the Schumacher Institute  to bring the idea of a resilient Bristol to life. The creative project launched on 28 May 2015 and is part of Bristol 2015 European Green Capital. To learn more about Bristol 2015 European Green Capital please visit https://youtu.be/ogyiccFlxlo

Sara Zaltash’s work is live, created through action, sound, installation and events and enacts her evolving engagement with political, philosophical and spiritual realities. Her participatory artwork ‘one day : Day One – Resilience‘ is supported by Bristol 2015, (https://www.bristol2015.co.uk/news/one-day-day-one-resilience/) and explores resilience in an innovative form and is set to pop up across sixteen locations in Bristol throughout the summer.

Sara’s brief required that we should create an app that could be easily used by the public in order to respond to questions and pose ones of their own. The app had to be attractive, with ease of functionality, in order to maximise the engagement of the public. Questions are user generated and are centred on changes in the future and more particularly on the evolution of Bristol as a city. Participants are presented with a choice of six questions to which they may choose to record a response. Subsequent to recording a response, the app invites the participant to record a question of their own. The resultant responses will be published on the ‘one day : Day One – Resilience’ YouTube account and the videos will also be available to view on  www.onedaydayone.org/.  This will allow people to hear what the resilient voices in the city are saying and encourage resilient thinking!

The app is accessed from within the artwork – a  pop up ‘geodesic dome’ which will travel across Bristol from June to September 2015.

27 Mar 2015
Séamus Ó Baoighill


Séamus (now 17) began playing at the age of 8 and was the youngest member to have entered Sgoil Chiùil na Gàidhealtachd by age 11, under the instruction of Iain MacFarlane and Iain MacFadyen.

Séamus is a notably fine musician and a savvy young guy who knew that having his own website would enhance his exposure and help further his career. A couple of years ago he had asked a friend to create a website for him. This site required improvement, added content and a creative overhaul. Séamus had been selected as a finalist in BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician 2015 Finals and therefore needed a distinctive website to support his position as a serious musician, with the realistic potential of musical career ahead of him.

The existing WordPress website was without any real design or structure  and contained a minimal content. There was very little to exhibit Séamus’ musical talent; in fact Séamus was hardly visible in any way!

We wanted to ensure that the site would embody everything that Séamus was about; his youth, his musicianship, his roots and the strong Celtic influences. The site would have to reflect the traditions of his environment and also recognise that Séamus is a 21st century guy.  We had to be sure that the design of the site would allow traditional imagery to amalgamate seamlessly with the new. Luckily our design team love a challenge,  and successfully created a visually stunning site, that conveys the beauty that is Skye, yet ensures that Séamus remains the focus.

It was important to us that Séamus’ music would be heard. To this end, we downloaded MP3 files of his music, and added a facility to play the music as soon as the website has loaded. We put up videos of Séamus fiddling, so that the full experience could be seen and heard. We provided a link to Seamus’ YouTube channel so that all his videos can be viewed. To keep visitors up-to date with all things Séamus, we built-in a Social Media section which includes the ability to read his tweets and send back to him.


  • Page Builder – users can build their own pages via the admin area with flexibility on size and look of each element on the page.
  • One Page Website
  • Social Media Integration – Séamus’ website is linked to his Twitter account, so that users can see what he has been up to. There is also a link to his YouTube channel so that users can watch his videos.
  • Music Player – in order for Séamus’ music can be heard as soon as users visit the website.
  • Contact Form.
  • Responsive design – in order for the website to adapt small or large screens.
  • Future proof – as the needs of the client changes the site can be readily developed, so he can add new events in his calendar and update the music that is played on the website.
27 Mar 2015
Ecoworks marine


Eco-Works Marine is a division of Eco-works® Ltd primarily a biologicals company producing a range of environmentally beneficial and human safe bacterial based products, for a broad range of marine, commercial and industrial applications.

EcoWorks Marine came to us as they required a dynamic website to launch their new eco-friendly boat/yacht cleaning products. The site was integral to the start up phase of this division of their business and was pre-revenue. The time frame was tight, only a couple of weeks prior to the date set for launch, so it was all hands on deck!

We quickly ascertained that the business wanted to target the luxury end of the market, as it is clear that super yachts are acquisitions that are flourishing. Burgess, a company that sells and purchases yachts, report annual sales of EUR 1.3 billion of sailing and motor yachts (up to the beginning of Dec. 2014). The design of the site would therefore make an immediate correlation to this market.

The site had to be fully informative in a demonstratively clear manner, providing a showcase for the products and the specifics for each product, (chemical formula, health and safety instructions and mode of use). The products had been developed to be non-invasive to the environment, a crucial and fundamental selling point.

We set out to make the website look clean, attractive and memorable. To ensure a distinct and visually coherent site, we took the colour, a marine blue, from the Eco-Works logo, an established brand. Three stunning photo’s of yachts, as a slideshow, were set as a large banner messaging the association to the super yacht lifestyle. The product pages were created to be functional and formal, both in terms of visuals and related text. Each of the 12 individual cleaning products is described visually by its label.The text provides details of product features and directions of use. A download button provides the relevant Materials Safety Data Sheet as a PDF. The Contact page was designed to look elegant and to ensure transparency and ease of use.

Our websites are future proofed, thereby allowing changes, adaptations, additions of new elements – pages, widgets, design, themes and plugins. This site can be modified and expanded with ease and simplicity.


  • Page Builder – users can build their own pages via the admin area with flexibility on size and look of each element on the page.
  • Contact Form.
  • Email setup – we set up two email addresses for Eco-Works Marine so that they can receive emails from their contact forms.
  • Responsive design – in order for the website to look great on small or large screens.
  • Banner Design.
  • Social Media Integration – blog posts are published to Facebook.
  • Future proof- as the needs of the client changes the site can be readily developed.
24 Mar 2015
Stretch Activities

We redesigned a website for London based company Stretch Activities, who deliver a range of activity classes for babies, toddlers, children with parents/carers. Georgie Mitchell and Annabel Seares came to us as they needed a redesign of the existing Stretch Activities website. We decided that there didn’t need to be so many pages and put most of the content on just one page so it was easier to access. We then created a menu with links that would scroll to different sections of the homepage.


  • Page Builder- Users can build their own pages via the admin area with flexibility on size and look of each element on the page.
  • Parallax Images
  • Image Galleries
  • Contact Form
  • Email setup – We set up email for Stretch Activities so that they can receive email from the contact form.
  • Logo/Banner Design
23 Mar 2015
Jim Roper Video Editor Website

This was a personal website  made for our in house creative director Jim Roper to market his services. He built this website using WordPress and took an existing theme and then modified it to suit his needs.

The site included the following functionality:

  • Consistent page design
  • Contact form
  • Dynamic content
  • Media Portfolio
  • Responsive single page design
  • Parralax Scrolling
  • Content Management System (CMS).
  • Social Media integration with two social networks.
  • Hosted on our server.