Renewable Energy Partner

We made this website for Renewable Energy Partner, a project development company that specialise in renewable energy projects in the Middle East and Africa. Adel came to us with an existing WordPress site that was not being used to its full potential. Its content was structured but very unappealing to the eye. So we decided to retain most of the text and some of the images, but just make it look a bit more interesting. Adel also had a lot of events and conferences he attended every year and so we thought it would be great if users could keep track of when these events take place. So there is a news and events which has a list of events he has attended or is attending, along with a calender so that users can look at what events are coming up on a month-by-month basis and each event has their own page so that you can see all of the details for each event. Adel can manage all of this in the admin area of his site. We also produced the same site but in French at


  • Event Management- Events can be added, edited and viewed allowing users to see what events Renewable Energy Partner are attending and the details of those events.
  • Language Switcher- Users can switch between the English and French site via links in the main menu.
  • Page Builder- Users can build their own pages via the admin area with flexibility on size and look of each element on the page.
  • Parallax Images
  • Image Galleries
  • Contact Form

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