South West Virtual Reality


SouthWest VR is a celebration of all things virtual reality, run by Opposable Games. They hold workshops, meetups and conferences and provide VR consultancy. On the 24th. of February 2015 SouthWest VR held a major virtual reality conference in Bristol, UK and asked us to film the event, including individual interviews, and to provide animated brand assets for use between speakers and around the conference hall.

  • We'd recommend Digital Medium's video production service to anyone looking for clean editing, slick production, fantastic creative input and fast results. Digital Medium's recording skills are exemplary; we hired the company to record interviews and talks at the SouthWest VR Conference in 2014 and were extremely happy with the results.

    - Dan Page - SWVR -
Dave Ranyard (Sony Computer Entertainment, London) SouthWest VR Conference: Dave Ranyard (Sony) - Virtual Reality: A New World to Explore Dave Ranyard Talk Image alt description


The brief was to capture the talks given by those heading up the development of VR worldwide. Using broadcast camera equipment we captured all of the talks throughout the day, added animated speaker cards to the start of each talk and uploaded the files directly to the clients YouTube account for the most efficient process possible. The client was able to review the videos on their own account before approving them to go live online.

SouthWest VR: Tom Carter (Ultrahaptics) - Feeling without touching: where the virtual meets reality SouthWest VR Conference: Ana Ribeiro (Pixel Rift) - From pies to virtual reality SouthWest VR: Henrique Olifiers (Bossa) - They who matter: the players and their first VR experience SouthWest VR: Nick Pittom (Fire Panda) - Real-time VR storytelling experiences SouthWest VR Conference: Fierce Kaiju - Early Access - from cool ideas to stuff on the shelf SouthWest VR Conference Panel - Will Freeman (host), Dave Ranyard, Henrique Olifiers, Kevin Williams


With a second camera team we also recorded individual interviews (interviewer: RoadtoVR’s Jonathan Tustain) with as many of the speakers as feasible. Henrique Olifiers of Bossa Studios, Sony’s Dave Raynard, Patrick O’Luanaigh of nDreams, Tom Carter of Ultrahaptics, Edward Miller of and Pixel Rift developer Ana Ribeiro were amongst some of the contributors who kindly gave us an interview.

Animated Branding/Video Assets

We provided a selection of animated video assets to be used throughout the presentations and also around the conference hall. These assets ranged from an animated spinning SWVR logo that was used on the main presentation screens between speakers (to hide changing laptops/loading new presentations etc) through animated speaker cards and agenda cards to inform the attendees of the time of each talk and which room it would occur in.

 SWVR-Assets-LogoAnimation SWVR-Assets-GoldSponsors SWVR-Assets-SilverSponsors SWVR-Assets-TechSponsor Speaker Title Card