Stretch Activities


We redesigned a website for London based company Stretch Activities, who deliver a range of activity classes for babies, toddlers, children with parents/carers. Georgie Mitchell and Annabel Seares came to us as they needed a redesign of the existing Stretch Activities website.

  • A big thank you to the Digital Medium Team for the great website they designed to freshen our brand, and for providing excellent on-going IT support and digital services. We are having very good feedback from prospective clients and the electronic solutions put in place have saved a considerable amount of office time, they are definitely a company to recommend.

    - Annabel Seares - Stretch Activities -


Our design team decided that there didn’t need to be so many pages and put most of the content on just one page so it was easier to access. We then created a menu with links that would scroll to different sections of the homepage.


We designed a parents page which allows parents to register their interest in upcoming events from Stretch Activities. Then in the admin area of the site, Stretch Activites can design newsletters to send out to these parents when an event is upcoming.

We also created an area of the site where the staff at Stretch Activities can upload documents which staff can access easily. We also ensured that only administrators can gain access to this part of the website so that visitors of the site cannot access sensitive information.

Application Form

We were asked by Stretch Activities to create an application form that could be completed on a computer. We decided that the best way for users to do this would be to complete the application form on the website.

So we took their existing application form and created an online form. This form was split into multiple sections so that the form doesn't appear overwhelming.

Once the form was completed, the website sends the staff at Stretch Activities an email saying that an applicant has completed the application form along with a PDF of the filled in form. Then if Stretch Activities approve the applicant, then they will add the applicant to the website as a teacher. This then gives them access to documents which help the teachers to run classes.

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