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19 Jun 2014
4 Tips on Choosing A Great Domain For Your Website
4 Tips on Choosing A Great Domain For Your Website

When thinking about launching a website, it is important to choose a good domain name to maximise your website’s visibility. To help you achieve this, we have compiled the following tips:

1. The name of the domain should be the name of your business

It’s imperative that you try to keep the domain name and the business name the same as each other. If you expect anyone to find your website by word of mouth then make it as easy for them to find your site as possible. Having a company called ‘GoBananas’ but the web address ‘’ isn’t much use unless your site is rigorously optimised for Google and already receiving lots of hits. Its generally expected that a companies web address will be their name plus an extension (usually either, .com or .net) a customer or someone who has seen your marketing materials will hopefully walk away remembering your companies name if nothing else, this person should be able to return to their computer and put your name into google and immediately find your website. This is unlikely to happen if your company name and domain are different as its the search terms in the domain name that are most affecting the results, the fact that the page name and company name are same as the domain also strengthens this result generally ensuring a top first page rank for google searches on company names with a matching domain name.

2. Use a generic name or your brand name

Some people tend to think that if you are looking to sell a certain type of product like computers, the name of the domain must be really generic like “”. You can see that these generic domains are worth a lot of money. However when people buy items such as a computer, they tend to already have specific ideas in mind, whether it be a brand such as Dell or Hewlett Packard or a particular ‘type’ of product e.g laptops, desktop computers etc so having a very generic domain name can actually end up returning far less resulting page views.

In general it is better to use your brand name, especially if you are really looking to grow your business in the future. Domain names also create a history with google, the longer they exist in googles index the more trusted they become, having to change your domain name further down the line because your brand has grown and you picked a different domain when you setup the company for whatever reasons can seriously hurt your websites position in google and will effectively remove whatever history your domain has previously had with google (or other search engines).

3. Keep it local

If your business mainly operates in a local rather than a national scale, consider putting the city or county in your domain. So for example, if your business was mainly based in Bristol and you sold computers, a good domain for this business might be “”. Note that the domain in this example uses a extension instead of .com, domains tend to be a cheaper option than .coms and theirs very little difference between them, in short .com’s tend to be for international companies or sellers while a simply stands for ‘company uk’ as in a company registered within the united kingdom. Some people believe a domain can actually provide better google rank results in local searches over .coms, although this is an unproven theory.

4. The new domain extensions

So what about the new domains? Now as well as the .com,, .net extensions, there are now also .ninja, .camera and .guru among many other new domain extensions.

To be frank, I would really avoid these at all costs. Firstly, buying some of these new domains can be really difficult. Some registrars don’t support certain domain extensions while others do and even when you find one it does, it can be really expensive. In addition, the .com domains are still worth the most.

Having said that though, some of these new domain extensions may take off and there are some better new domain extensions than the ones I have mentioned. While some of these new domain extensions are expensive, some are also very cheap. In fact, you could even buy some of these new domains and see if they rise in value over the next few years.

However,  these new domain extensions aren’t very well known and you risk shutting out a lot of potential business if you used a different domain extension.


These are just some of the more important points to consider when choosing a domain and some of these points may not work for all businesses. If you need help choosing a domain for your business, please contact us and we will be happy to help.