Video Services


We produce high quality, cost-effective, media assets for both small and established companies to help achieve your marketing goals. In the current digital climate, video has grown to being the number one way for content and information delivery.

We have a small yet highly experienced core team supported by a network of talented freelancers and other small businesses across the southwest. This makes us both fast and highly flexible whilst retaining the highest quality standards. We shoot on broadcast quality equipment and can cater for all video needs from simple conference filming through to full film production.

Bristol Health Parters Promo Bristol Health Partners Conference Video 24 Hour Pedal Car Race Promo SouthWest VR Conference Interviews: Dave Ranyard (Sony Computer Entertainment, London) OPEN YOUR EYES & POST PLAY (LIVE) - Schoolboy's Death Trio Opposable Games Showreel 2014

Promo Video

We make the best promotional films and showreels for clients from all sectors and industries from Health and Medical related through to the Video Games Industry and emerging markets such as Virtual Reality.

Promos can be interview/voice over led or purely visual. Motion Graphics, animation and other visual techniques can be incorporated for specific needs or a different feel or format.

We are flexible and very friendly, so feel free to get in touch and have a chat about your idea or project.

Salvaged Greenlight Trailer Image alt description 24 Hour Pedal Car Race Bristol Health Partners Promo

Conferences + Presentations

We cover conferences and talks of all sizes and variation from internal company/department presentations through to public facing events and conferences. We've worked with clients from across the country including ACCU, NHS and South West VR.

We provide different levels of production depending on your needs - from single crewed setups to multi-camera or intercut presentations. We are flexible, fast and efficient with the experience under our belts to achieve the best results for the given situation.

Interviews + Testimonial Videos

Interviews and Testimonial Videos can be a great way to inform an audience and can provide important transparency and confidence in a business, organisation or service.

Hearing from a customer, attendee or user of a service can inspire huge amounts of confidence in a viewer, especially over conventional text based means which can very easily be made up or untrue.


When we arent making promo videos or filming conferences we like to let down our hair and work on more creative projects such as music videos or advertising stings.

We've made a number of music videos as well as some fun promotional items for clients around Bristol.

JOHN E VISTIC - LONG TIME GONE School Boy Death Trio - Karmic Chant The Russian Winter - Track 1 - Fatal Flaw Scene From 'The Memory Dealer' - Interactive App Experience The Russian Winter Official Teaser Trailer 2012

VFX + Motion Graphics

We have the added bonus of a highly experienced motion graphics/vfx artist on our core team, this allows us to very easily include the highest quality assets and graphics to any video we make - whether this be animated title cards, straplines or full intro sequences we have it covered.

See our animation section for further examples of how we can combine disciplines and the different forms of asset we can create.

Salvaged Trailer Livedock Sessions Credits - Animation / Motion Graphics The Russian Winter - Motion Graphics Sting Opposable Games Showreel 2014 VFX Cigarette Light Jim Roper VFX / Motion Graphics Showreel 2014, Bristol