Web Design and Development

The world of web development can be a confusing place, especially if your not tech or computer savvy. We believe demystification and clear communication to be paramount in creating a lasting relationship with our clients. We wont bamboozle you with jargon or buzz words we'll spend the time to ensure you fully understand not only what is important for your website to be a success but most importantly WHY.

We generally like to meet over coffee or will visit you at your place of work, our meeting will be relatively informal and relaxed - we'll discuss the aims for your site and how they can be achieved, we'll provide you with multiple options and the pros and cons of each - our aim being to give you the information you need to make an informed decision yourself rather than us just saying 'this is what you need to do'.

If you dont already have a website we'll ask you how many pages your website needs, if you require ecommerce integration or other advanced functionality like databases or customer logins and then of course the websites design and aesthetic.

If you already have a website we will analyse this before our meeting and present you our findings in a clear and easy to digest format, we'll happily explain anything you dont understand and provide further evidence to back up our suggestions where appropriate.

Our aim is to leave you feeling both more informed and empowered to make correct decisions based on your situation.

Mobile Friendly Build
We’ll take your mock up designs and build the site using clean google friendly HTML-5, CSS, Javascript and PHP where necessary to give you the most responsive, effective and best performing website possible on every device.

We build each website we make with search engine optimization (SEO) at the forefront of our priorities. We use google friendly coding and will advise you on amendments to your content and page structuring to give you the best performance on your most important search terms.

Once we’ve got the sites structure and basic content together we’ll put your website on our testing domain – this is an online location only accessible via the unique web address we will provide you. This allows you to see how your website looks online, how it works and allows us to more easily work with you on minor changes, updates to content and other amendments. Once you’re happy with how it works and looks we can move the site over to your hosting and connect it to your domain (web address).

We offer a full hosting solution for £49.99 per annum (free for the first year with a new website). We actively monitor our server so if theres ever an issue we'll be there to fix it straight away.

Tell us what email address you are looking to have and we will see if the domain is available for you to use. We then charge the cost for the domain plus a £10 setup fee initially. You then also pay a £1 per month hosting fee to keep the email account running. As long as this fee is paid you can keep using the email for year after year.

We specialize in creating bespoke systems and websites with advanced functionality that other more standardized web development companies may not be able to offer.

We have created a number of unique solutions for clients from a number of industries - these include an automated locking system that uses phones in place of keys, bespoke booking engines and databases plus integration between mobile apps and websites.

• Updating existing sites
• WordPress, Squarepage, Drupal, Joomla help.
• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
• Fixing Code (ASP.NET, C#, HTML, CSS & PHP)
• HTML Email Templates.
• Social Media Integration
• Ecommerce/Woocommerce Integration
• Database Construction and Maintenance.
• Blog creation and management.
• Google Analytics -Interpretation and Reporting
• Moving websites and/or databases to new hosting.